Hey there, I'm Katie!

How it all Started

I’ve been painting since I was a child but more recently taught myself watercolors in order to design my own wedding invitations in 2015.

I love the challenge of this crazy medium and losing myself in the process of creating. Watercolors can be unruly and in order to work with them you must be willing to release control of the outcome.

This concept has been helpful in my life, not only as an artist, but also as a creative entrepreneur looking to find my way. 

Finding my Way

Once I had some experience designing my own invites, I sought out to start a business creating custom wedding invitations for others.
I felt this to be a reasonable next step and I saw a lucrative potential in the alluring wedding industry. At first I enjoyed the details involved in the experience of making one-of-a-kind suites specially crafted for each couple.
I found joy in catering to an audience who appreciated every little part of what I was doing and I was proud of what I was creating as I poured my heart and soul into thoughtfully crafted paper goods.
After a while, though, it was the little things were keeping me up at night... There seemed to always be some issue that would pop up and ruin my day.  So many pieces to bring together eventually brought an overwhelm of chaos to my life.
Much to my disappointment, I had to stop forcing what wasn’t working for my personality or my life. 

My Sweet Spot

At around the same time I was working on weddings I had also begun selling flour sack tea towels printed with my watercolor designs. This was the part of my business that was working!  

I had been so busy with designing invitations that I barely realized how much people were enjoying these amazing tea towels.
I loved the concept that people were using an everyday item that had my watercolor artwork on it. Unlike wedding invitations, these towels were made to last! 

Not only are they pretty…

  • These towels are super absorbent(like no joke, the other day I soaked up olive oil with one and you couldn’t even tell it was dirty!) which I can’t say for many of the other dish towels on the market. 
  • They are completely made in the US which helps people feel good about their purchase. 
  • They make for a meaningful gift because they have original watercolor paintings on them. Plus they are both beautiful and made from high quality 100% cotton flour sack.
  • They are considered luxury goods, yet they come at a sensible price point.

After success with towels I have ventured out into some other products including:

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